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  • 16.06.2017
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OpenText™ "Neues aus dem Developer Network..."

Hallo liebe Leser,
es gibt wieder „Neues“ aus dem OpenText™ Developer Network bzw. aus den Release-Notes von Release 16 :)
Implemention of an example for a custom SFTP interface, since Release 16.0 HF3 (

Nach der Installation von Release 16.0 HF3 oder neuer, wird im Pfad:


ein Beispiel eines "Custom SFTP Interface" für den Management (RedDot CMS) Server abgelegt.

In der belegten Readme steht folgendes:

Custom SFTP client for SFTP publishing targets

If the Management Server's default SFTP client (ComponentPro SFTP is incompatible with a SFTP server, it is supported to replace default SFTP client with a custom implementation of the Management Server ISFtp interface.

Install the sample SFTP client
Extract the content of sample interface into the %RDCMS%\..\OTDevNet\SFTP-Rebex folder. This extracts the C# source code and also the compiled version of this sample (Dll\SFTP-Rebex.dll). This sample requires the commercial SFTP client Rebex File Transfer Pack for .NET (Version: 2016R1.1).

The Rebex SFTP client has to be downloaded from the manufacturer ( The package can be installed on any computer. After the installation has finished, copy the assemblies contained in the Rebex\Api\bin\net-4.0 structure to the %RDCMS%\..\OTDevNet\SFTP-Rebex\Dll folder.

Now add the line below as child of Integration to the file %RDCMS%\..\Configuration\validate.xml to replace the Management Server's default SFTP publishing client implementation with the custom implementation:

<sftp assembly="%RDCMS%\..\OTDevNet\SFTP-Rebex\Dll\SFTP-Rebex.dll">SFTPRebex.PublishingTarget</sftp>

The change takes effect immediately. It is now possible to create and edit the SFTP publishing target with the existing Management Server user interface.

Debugging / Logging
Log message are written to the logger with the name Configuration. If needed the log level can be set to INFO to get information about the interface in use. In case of any error, default interface will be used and the error will be logged. The UI will not display any error. For the default interface, the info log entry looks like this:

Used SFTP interface: OpenText.WS.MS.PublishingTarget.UltimateSFtp


Hints for implementing a custom SFTP Interface

  • Reference the assembly OpenText.WS.MS.Api.dll from the Assemblies folder.
  • Implement the interface ISFtp.
  • The methods of the interface are self explaining and the implementation should be pretty straight forward.

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Viel Spaß beim Testen, Lesen und wie immer Stöbern ;)


Build your own SFTP (Rebex) Connector for Management Server.


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